Photoshop Actions to Emulate Black & White Films

Slide films emulation photoshop 1

Slide Vol. 1

  • 1.Kodak Kodachrome 25
  • 2.Fuji Velvia 50
  • 3.Fuji Fortia SP 50
  • 4.Kodak Kodachrome 64
  • 5.Agfa RSX 100
  • 6.Fuji Velvia 100
  • 7.Fuji Velvia 100 F
  • 8.Ektachrome 100 VS

Also including all needed film grain patterns

1.Kodak Kodachrome 25

Film produced from 1935 to 2009, highly regarded among professionals due to its great color precision.

Kodak Kodachrome 25 film effect photoshop Kodak Kodachrome 25 source

2.Fuji Velvia 50

Film emulation action for photographers, vivid color reproduction, making it ideal for nature, product and interior.

Fuji Velvia 50 source Fuji Velvia 50 film effect photoshop

3.Fuji Fortia SP 50

This film was produced by Fujifilm for a short period of time (2005 to 2007) so it's actually discontinued.

Fuji Fortia SP 50 source Fuji Fortia SP 50 film effect photoshop

4.Kodak Kodachrome 64

Produced since 1935, it was discontinued in late 2009. Very appreciated among photographers for its great color fidelity.

Kodak Kodachrome 64 source Kodak Kodachrome 64 film effect photoshop

5.Agfa RSX 100

Defined by its highly color saturation, occasionally rendering a kind of ”fantasy" look. It's actually discontinued.

Agfa RSX 100 source Agfa RSX 100 film effect photoshop

6.Fuji Velvia 100

Introduced in early 90s, it soon displaced the famous Kodachrome series due to its great luminosity and color precision.

Fuji Velvia 100 source Fuji Velvia 100 film effect photoshop

7.Fuji Velvia 100 F

Introduced in 2002 to discontinue Velvia 50. The “F” was the original version of actual Fuji Velvia 100.

Fuji Velvia 100 F source Fuji Velvia 100 F film effect photoshop

8.Ektachrome 100 VS

Photoshop film emulation. Distinguished by its highly color performance, it was in production from 1935 to 2009.

Ektachrome 100 VS source Ektachrome 100 VS film effect photoshop
Slide films emulation 2

Slide Vol. 2

  • 9.Ektachrome 100 G
  • 10.Ektachrome 100 GX
  • 11.Fuji Astia 100 F
  • 12.Fuji Provia 100 F
  • 13.Kodak Ektachrome 200
  • 14.Fuji Provia 400 X
  • 15.GAF 500
  • 16.Agfachrome 1000 RS

Also including all needed film grain patterns

9.Ektachrome 100 G

Ektachrome series allowed photographers to process their own films. Scanned film grain texture provided as always.

Ektachrome 100 G film effect photoshop Ektachrome 100 G source

10.Ektachrome 100 GX

Slide film digital simulation which provides a characteristic "fantasy" look, with moderated saturation.

Ektachrome 100 GX source Ektachrome 100 GX film effect photoshop

11.Fuji Astia 100 F

One of the finest grains among slide films. It's ideal for portraits due to its natural-looking skin tone.

Fuji Astia 100 F source Fuji Astia 100 F film effect photoshop

12.Fuji Provia 100 F

Suitable for almost any situation, from product advertising to nature and portrait, providing nice color saturation.

Fuji Provia 100 F source Fuji Provia 100 F film effect photoshop

13.Kodak Ektachrome 200

Part of Ektachrome series, that allowed photographers to process their own films. Film grain for Photoshop included.

Kodak Ektachrome 200 source Kodak Ektachrome 200 film effect photoshop

14.Fuji Provia 400 X

Slide film for professional use, with high end color quality and fidelity. Being ISO 400, it has medium granularity.

Fuji Provia 400 X source Fuji Provia 400 X film effect photoshop

15.GAF 500

Film produced by GAF company, based in New Jersey (USA), very difficult to find today.

GAF 500 source GAF 500 film effect photoshop

16.Agfachrome 1000 RS

First slide film introducing the cross processing method, which will define the image by its dramatic color shifting.

Agfachrome 1000 RS source Agfachrome 1000 RS film effect photoshop
Slide films emulation 3

Slide Vol. 3

  • 17.Fuji RTP 64 T
  • 18.Ektachrome EPP 100
  • 19.Agfa RSX II 100
  • 20.Fuji Sensia 100
  • 21.Agfa CT Precisa 100
  • 22.Ektachrome 100 S
  • 23.Kodak Elitechrome 200
  • 24.Agfa RSX II 200

Also including all needed film grain patterns

17.Fuji RTP 64 T

Slide film where "RTP" stands for "Reversal Tungsten Professional" and the second ”T” for "Transparency".

Fuji RTP 64 T film effect photoshop Fuji RTP 64 T source

18.Ektachrome EPP 100

Color reversal film where "EPP" stands for "Ektachrome Plus Professional”. It renders perfect skin tones.

Ektachrome EPP 100 source Ektachrome EPP 100film effect photoshop

19.Agfa RSX II 100

Where "RSX" stands for "Reversal Slide Cross (processing)”. Distinguished by its highly saturated colors.

Agfa RSX II 100 source Agfa RSX II 100 film effect photoshop

20.Fuji Sensia 100

“Flagship" film from Fuji slide family. Perfect choice for landscapes and portraits due to the saturation of colors.

Fuji Sensia 100 film effect photoshop Fuji Sensia 100 source

21.Agfa CT Precisa 100

Film emulation action defined by its over-saturated style, where "CT" stands for "Color Transparency".

Agfa CT Precisa 100 film effect photoshop Agfa CT Precisa 100 source

22.Ektachrome 100 S

Where "S" stands for "Speed”, due to its high sensitivity. Ektachrome family was designed in early 40's.

Ektachrome 100 S film effect photoshop Ektachrome 100 S source

23.Kodak Elitechrome 200

Film acclaimed by its high end color performance. Elitechrome is the amateur version of Ektachrome.

Kodak Elitechrome 200 film effect photoshop Kodak Elitechrome 200 source

24.Agfa RSX II 200

Medium speed version of RSX II 100 film, characterized for its very particular color saturation and contrast.

Agfa RSX II 200film effect photoshop Agfa RSX II 200 source
slide films emulation 4

Slide Vol. 4

  • 25.Fuji Astia 100
  • 26.Ektachrome 100 SW
  • 27.Jessops CS 100
  • 28.GAF 200
  • 29.Kodak Kodachrome 200
  • 30.Konica Centuria 200
  • 31.Fuji Provia 400 F
  • 32.Fuji Provia 1600

Also including all needed film grain patterns

25.Fuji Astia 100

Film emulation action for Photoshop, rendering very nice looking skin tones. Mainly used in fashion photography.

Fuji Astia 100 film effect photoshop Fuji Astia 100 source

26.Ektachrome 100 SW

Slide film that presents a slight orange dominant, ideal when you need to compensate very cold tones.

Ektachrome 100 SW source Ektachrome 100 SW film effect photoshop

27.Jessops CS 100

Distinguished by its cold color temperature, providing a kind of bluish tone. It is the most popular Jessops film.

Jessops CS 100 source Jessops CS 100 film effect photoshop

28.GAF 200

Slide film from manufacturer GAF (General Aniline & Film), actually a roofing materials company from USA.

GAF 200film effect photoshop GAF 200 source

29.Kodak Kodachrome 200

Film in production from 1935 to 2007, it was the choice of print media photographers for many years.

Kodak Kodachrome 200 film effect photoshop Kodak Kodachrome 200 source

30.Konica Centuria 200

Film emulation Photoshop action, distinguished by applying a soft greenish atmosphere on dark tones.

Konica Centuria 200 film effect photoshop Konica Centuria 200 source

31.Fuji Provia 400 F

It provides similar vivid colors as Provia 100 film, but with higher speed, so adding more granularity.

Fuji Provia 400 F film effect photoshop Fuji Provia 400 F source

32.Fuji Provia 1600

Actually discontinued, it was used in a wide range of scenes due to its high sensitivity.

Fuji Provia 1600 film effect photoshop Fuji Provia 1600 source