Photoshop Actions to Emulate Black & White Films

Instant films emulation photoshop 1

Instant Vol. 1

  • 33.Polachrome * warm
  • 34.Polachrome * cold
  • 35.Polachrome * nega
  • 36.Polaroid 669 * warm
  • 37.Polaroid 669 * cold
  • 38.Polaroid 669 * nega
  • 39.Fuji FP-100b * peel
  • 40.Fuji FP-100b * nega

Also including all needed film grain patterns

33.Polachrome * warm

Film evolved from Polavision system, introduced in 1983 and discontinued in 1979.

Polachrome warm film effect photoshop Polachrome warm source

34.Polachrome * cold

While the warm version has some washed look, the cold one enhances the blue tones.

Polachrome cold source Polachrome cold film effect photoshop

35.Polachrome * nega

The negative version of this instant films applies a yellowish effect.

Polachrome nega 25 source Polachrome nega  25 film effect photoshop

36.Polaroid 669 * warm

Actually no more in production, warm option adds soft green tone to the image.

Polaroid 669 warm source Polaroid 669 warm film effect photoshop

37.Polaroid 669 * cold

When shot in cold climate conditions, the film provides an overall clear blue tonality.

Polaroid 669 cold  source Polaroid 669 cold  film effect photoshop

38.Polaroid 669 * nega

The negative of this film renders a washed yellowish version of reality.

Polaroid 669 nega source Polaroid 669 nega film effect photoshop

39.Fuji FP-100b * peel

The black and white version of acclaimed Fujifilm FP-100c. The peelapart provides soft contrast.

Fuji FP-100b peel source Fuji FP-100b peel film effect photoshop

40.Fuji FP-100b * nega

Instant film in production till 2009. The negative of the film provides clean luminosity to the picture.

Fuji FP-100b nega source Fuji FP-100b nega film effect photoshop
Instant films emulation 2

Instant Vol. 2

  • 41.Fuji FP-100c * warm
  • 42.Fuji FP-100c * cold
  • 43.Fuji FP-100c * nega
  • 44.Polaroid 690 * warm
  • 45.Polaroid 690 * cold
  • 46.Polaroid 690 * nega
  • 47.Fuji FP-3000 B * peel
  • 48.Fuji FP-3000 B * nega

Also including all needed film grain patterns

41.Fuji FP-100c * warm

Instant film emulation for Photoshop, which produces superb quality photos, also very versatile.

Fuji FP-100c  warm film effect photoshop Fuji FP-100c  warm  source

42.Fuji FP-100c * cold

The Cold version provides a kind of brown-purple overall tonality to neutral colors.

Fuji FP-100c  cold source Fuji FP-100c  cold film effect photoshop

43.Fuji FP-100c * nega

The negative of the film provides a greenish orange tinted version.

Fuji FP-100c  nega source Fuji FP-100c  nega film effect photoshop

44.Polaroid 690 * warm

Designed to be used with Polaroid SLR 690 camera, it's actually discontinued.

Polaroid 690 warm  source Polaroid 690 warm film effect photoshop

45.Polaroid 690 * cold

While the warm option enhances skin tones, the cold one has magenta dominant.

Polaroid 690 cold  source Polaroid 690 cold film effect photoshop

46.Polaroid 690 * nega

The negative of this film emulation action provides a washed, soft yellowish look.

Polaroid 690 nega source Polaroid 690 nega film effect photoshop

47.Fuji FP-3000 B * peel

Very grainy instant film. The peelapart option is defined by its low contrast in shadow areas.

Fuji FP-3000  B  peel source Fuji FP-3000  B peel film effect photoshop

48.Fuji FP-3000 B * nega

The negative version will produce a very luminous and highly contrasted image.

Fuji FP-3000  B  nega source Fuji FP-3000  B  nega film effect photoshop
Instant films emulation 3

Instant Vol. 3

  • 49.Polaroid SX 70 * warm
  • 50.Polaroid SX 70 * cold
  • 51.Polaroid SX 70 * nega
  • 52.Polaroid 600 * warm
  • 53.Polaroid 600 * cold
  • 54.Polaroid 600 * nega
  • 55.Polaroid 665 * peel
  • 56.Polaroid 665 * nega

Also including all needed film grain patterns

49.Polaroid SX 70 * warm

Also know as "SX-70 Time Zero", it is distinguished by its great color saturation and sharpness.

Polaroid SX 70  warm film effect photoshop Polaroid SX 70  warm  source

50.Polaroid SX 70 * cold

While warm option will enhance contrast, cold version will provide a cinematographic look.

Polaroid SX 70  cold source Polaroid SX 70  cold film effect photoshop

51.Polaroid SX 70 * nega

Designed to be shot in the homonymous camera, negative option applies yellowish look.

Polaroid SX 70 nega source Polaroid SX 70  nega film effect photoshop

52.Polaroid 600 * warm

It was also the name of the camera designed to shot this film. Warm adds some pink varnish.

Polaroid 600 warm film effect photoshop Polaroid 600 warm source

53.Polaroid 600 * cold

It has a very particular color saturation and sharpness. Cold option washes shadows in blue.

Polaroid 600 cold film effect photoshop Polaroid 600 cold source

54.Polaroid 600 * nega

Instant film simulation for Photoshop. The negative of this film renders some cinematic look.

Polaroid 600 nega  film effect photoshop Polaroid 600 nega  source

55.Polaroid 665 * peel

The Peelapart version is very rich in tonalities, with very nice micro-contrast.

Polaroid 665 peel film effect photoshop Polaroid 665 peel source

56.Polaroid 665 * nega

Digital film emulation for "old times" lovers. The Negative provides a low contrasted version of reality.

Polaroid 665 nega film effect photoshop Polaroid 665 nega source
Instant films emulation 4

Instant Vol. 4

  • 57.Fuji Instax * warm
  • 58.Fuji Instax * cold
  • 59.Kodak PR 10 * warm
  • 60.Kodak PR 10 * cold
  • 61.Polaroid 664 * peel
  • 62.Polaroid 664 * nega
  • 63.Polaroid 672 * peel
  • 64.Polaroid 672 * nega

Also including all needed film grain patterns

57.Fuji Instax * warm

Designed to be shot on Fuji Instax cameras. Warm option adds soft contrast and oranged varnish.

Fuji Instax warm film effect photoshop Fuji Instax warm source

58.Fuji Instax * cold

Cold version adds a bluish washed look to the image. Film grain texture included as always.

Fuji Instax cold  source Fuji Instax cold film effect photoshop

59.Kodak PR 10 * warm

Discontinued in 1990, when Polaroid won a legal battle against Kodak. Warm version has magenta dominant.

Kodak PR 10 warm source Kodak PR 10 warm film effect photoshop

60.Kodak PR 10 * cold

Photoshop action for photographers, the Cold version decreases the contrast in dark areas.

Kodak PR 10 cold film effect photoshop Kodak PR 10 cold source

61.Polaroid 664 * peel

The choice of instant black and white films true lovers. Peelapart captures a very luminous version of reality.

Polaroid 664 peel film effect photoshop Polaroid 664 peel 25 source

62.Polaroid 664 * nega

One of the most iconic films from Polaroid, which produces very particular tones and atmospheres.

Polaroid 664 nega film effect photoshop Polaroid 664 nega source

63.Polaroid 672 * peel

Film emulation action. Peelapart renders a "washed" version of the image, very poor in tonalities.

Polaroid 672 peel film effect photoshop Polaroid 672 peel source

64.Polaroid 672 * nega

The negative version of this film is characterized by adding a very artistic look to image

Polaroid 672 nega film effect photoshop Polaroid 672 nega source