Photoshop Actions for Accurate Film Simulation

fuji fp-100c emulated photoshop action

Exquisite Made Actions

Once you see our detailed film emulations working on your photos, you'll fall in love with them.

Our emulations really stand out

Photoshop actions layers detail film emulation

photoshop film emulation video

Also Over Footage

Use our 128 emulated films also as color gradings in your videos within Photoshop.

Go to: Window > Timeline

photoshop film emulation video

Scanned Film Grain

20 Photoshop patterns obtained by scanning authentic film grain.

From ISO 10 to ISO 3200

Photoshop film grain off Photoshop film grain on

featured on advanced photoshop magazine

Featured in Advanced Photoshop

We were featured in the respected magazine Advanced Photoshop.

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featured on advanced photoshop magazine

What our users have to say

Ana Novi photography

"These actions give me complete freedom to make adjustments and fit my style perfectly."

Ana Novi

Anja Schutz photographer

"How kind! I love the actions, I use them almost every time I open Photoshop."

Anja Schutz

Antonio Boalis photographer

"How kind! I love the actions, I use them almost every time I open Photoshop."

Antonio Boalis

Nanihta Vazquez photographer

"I recommended PsdFilm if you want something different for your creative work in photography."

Nanihta Vazquez

Anna Maria Rygalo

"I finnaly found the perfect black and white preset! It makes my workflow so much faster."

Ann Marie Rygalo

Federico Gaudino photographer

"Great set of presets. I work with a few of them and they are exquisitely made ― love them."

Federico Gaudino

Gustavo Velez photographer

"Working in color or black and white, it's my favorite digital lab for analog look."

Gustavo Velez

Duncan Peltenburg photographer

"I use Psdfilm Grain almost always, because it ties together the image and gives it a film look."

Cristian Agostini

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